Seaweed Foliar Fertilizer Supplier

Seaweed Foliar Fertilizer Supplier

Kinghami----Seaweed Fertilizer,improve crops quality,enhance resistance of crops, and suitable for foliar spray ,and 100% seaweed organic fertilizer

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Product Details


Alginic acid≥60g/L,N≥95g/L,




1. Promote the flowers and fruits setting rate,fruit expansion, color up, good taste, precocity, extension of storage time and endure to delivery. Increase output by 20%--30%.


    2. Enhance crops’ resistance ability, resilience, speed up yellow leaf to turn green, lobules become larger, prevent the drop of stems leaves, flowers, fruits, have the efficacy of preventing dying sprout and rotting root.


     3.Adjust soil harden, enhance the vitality of crops and protect the nutrient balance and healthy growth of crop.

Applying crops




Vegetables, fruits trees, tomato, cucumber,


flowers, tea and so on.





TEU 80barrel(16,000L,19.2MT)

Application Method

spraying :dilute 1800 to 1500 times.


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