Laminaria Alginic Acid Seaweed Liquid Extract Fertilizer

Laminaria Alginic Acid Seaweed Liquid Extract Fertilizer

OUMIKA seaweed liquid fertilizer is a 100% natural seaweed extract from brown seaweeds. Rich in alginate oligosaccharides that is beneficial to plant growth, the mineral nutrition elements and trace elements absorbed from the sea. It has the highest alginate content in Asia.

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Product Details

OUMIKA seaweed liquid extract

1.The highest alginate content in Asia

2.Solve acidification, freeze injury, root rot, yellow leaf

3.All the molecules are very small so that they can be dissloved in water instantly

4.Sea smell, pure natural

5.Good mixing, more safety

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Size: 1000gx20 bags/carton

Product Description:

Organic potassium
Organic matter

Feedback from customer

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Using OUMIKA perfusion root to avoid the frost damage of flower buds, the germination rate and fruit setting rate were relatively high, and the yield was twice as high as that of the frozen orchards.

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