Liquid Seaweed Extract-Top Alga

Liquid Seaweed Extract-Top Alga

Haijingling use biological enzymes for extracting, in order to retain more than 90% nutrient for material, and also do better to protect the nutrient in its primitive form. We chelate several microelement in Top Alga, such as Fe,B,Zn, whcih promote the crops' growth to be more balaned. The PH of Top Alga is 6~8, so that it can used in sour soil and alkaline soil.

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Product Details

Liquid Seaweed Extract-Top Alga is a kind of liquid organic fertilizer, which includes seaweed extract, tracelement and microelement. farmmers use liquid seaweed extract-Top Alga for the growth of plants, there are many advantages: firstly, top alga can improve the yeild from 20% to 30%, and also improve the fruiting rate. Secondly, top alga can provide enough element needing from plants, and like Fe, B, Zn, these elements play important roles in the process of plants for riping. top alga is 100% soluble in water, so plants can absorb nutrient more faster.

I. Significant Effect

  1. Increase the yield from 20% to 30%.

  2. There is no precipitation, so the nutrient could all  seep into the earth.

  3. The nutrient extracted from marine organism, so it won't do harm to crops.

  4. There is also microelement in our fertilizer, for the needing of crops.

II. Ingredient


III. Applicable Crops

  1. Fruit Trees(Apple, Orange, Peach, Papaya, Banana etc.)

  2. Vegetables and Melons(Leafy Vegetables, Rhizome etc.)

  3. Flowers and other commerical crops.

IV. Dosage

  1. Root irrigation: 80-120L/Ha

  2. Spraying: diluted by 1:800-1:1500, twice in a growing period

V. Package

  1. 10L/drum

  2. 20L/drum



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