Manntiol-Ca Alginic Acid Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

Manntiol-Ca Alginic Acid Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

Fast spraying, long green, leaf and fruit preserving, turgor coloring, sweetening, cracking proof and improving fruit quality

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Product Details

Seaweed Manntiol-Ca foliar liquid fertilizer


Technical data:

Amino acid: More than 100g/L

Ca: More than 30g/L


1.Promote crops’ absorption.
2.Improve plants quality and increase the productivity by 10%--20%.
3.Supply the nutrients for plant growth.
4.Regulate the soil environment, prevent the root rot.

Vegetables, fruits trees, tomato,coffee, cucumber, flowers, tea and so on.


1.Spraying: Dilute 800--1500 times.

2.Drip Irrigation: Dilute 300--500 times.

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