OUMIKA Sea Lion Liquid Organic farming Fertilizer

OUMIKA Sea Lion Liquid Organic farming Fertilizer

IV. Dosage water flushing or Drip Irrigation: Seedling Stage:100-150L/Ha Rapid GrowingStage:150;250L/Ha V. Package 1L/bottle 5L/bottel 10L/bottle 20L/drum

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Our fertilizer is made from seaweed, which comes from the deep sea near Canada. These algae are rich in organic matter and constant elements, which can meet the daily growth needs of plants.We use advanced bioenzymatic hydrolysis technology to decompose algae, so as to maximize the fertilizer efficiency of seaweed organic fertilizers without destroying the nutrients in seaweed.The production standards of the factory are in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the state. Only standardized product production lines can be recognized by the majority of consumers.

seaweed polysaccharides, phenolic polymer compound, mannitol, betaine, plant growth regulating substances (cytokinins, gibberellic acid, auxin and abscisic acid, etc.) and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron, boron, molybdenum, iodine and other trace elements.

I. Significant Effect

  1. increase the yield from 20% to 30%

  2. there is no precipitation, so the nutrient could all seep into the soil.

  3. the nutrient extracted from marine organism, so it won't do harm to crops.

  4. there is also trace element in sea lion liquid organic fertilizer, for the needing of crops.

II. Ingredient

Organic Matter25%
Trace Element1%

III. Applicable Crops

  1. fruit trees(apple, orange, grape, strawburry, watermelon, banana etc.)

  2. vegeables(tomato, potato, carrot, papper, cabbage etc.)

  3. flowers, coffee tea and other commerical crops.

IV. Dosage

  1.      water flushing or Drip Irrigation:

  2.      Seedling Stage:100-150L/Ha

  3.      Rapid GrowingStage:150;250L/Ha

V. Package

  1.      1L/bottle

  2.      5L/bottel

  3.      10L/bottle

  4.      20L/drum

    18haijingling Oumika SeaLion1-1L标效果图.jpg

    18haijingling Oumika SeaLion1-5L方桶标效果图.jpg

    18haijingling Oumika SeaLion1-10L方桶标效果图.jpg

    18haijingling Oumika SeaLion1-20L方桶标效果图.jpg

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