Liquid seaweed extract in agriculture

Liquid seaweed extract in agriculture

The latest generation of natural sugar alcohol chelating technology and alginic acid adsorption technology. No need to consume any energy to directly infiltrate plant phloem and xylem dual channel transport Low molecular weight, it is easily absorbed by the leaves, the absorption rate is 2-3 times that of ordinary calcium fertilizer Rich in seaweed active substances and trace elements and vitamins contained in seaweed itself, Regulates the balance of hormones in plant organisms, improves crop immunity and resistance to drought and cold, and inhibits the occurrence of fungal diseases a: Anti-premature aging - Prevent premature aging of leaves and delay fruit senescence Prevent disease - prevent cracking, rough skin, prevent water heart disease, rotten heart disease, bitter pit disease, dry heartburn, umbilical rot, wilt disease, etc. Loquat fruit - increased peel toughness, good color, bright fruit Resistant to storage - prolong fruit storage period and maintain fruit storage quality Instructions: Dilution of 1500-2000 times of foliar spray, interval 10-15 days, continuous spray 2-3 times better.

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Product Details





Amino Acid




Seaweed Extract


Organic Matter



Net Weight1L


Applicable Crops:

Fruit Trees(Jujube, Apple, Orange, Peach, Papaya, Banana


Vegetables and Melons (Leafy Vegetables, Rhizome etc.)

Other commercial crops.



The whole growth period can be used, dilute 800-1500 tim-

esforfoliar spraying, and continuously use 2-3 times to achieve

the best effect. Increase or decrease the dosage according to

the practical condition.

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