Seaweed Concentrate Liquid Fertilizer

Seaweed Concentrate Liquid Fertilizer

The seaweed fertilizer is to seaweed as raw materials, adopting enzymolysis technology to extraction,the special process of the product manufacturing process preserves many nutrients in kelp, seaweed polysaccharides, alginate, mannitol, iodide, amino acid, vitamin, mineral, auxin, trace elements and other nutrious natural [erformance is good, the dissolution rate of fast, effective high activity, especially the special effect Neiyuan hormone is cannot be replaced by other fertilizers on crops, not only can play to promote growth and development, improve quality, increase yield, and has Mianshengeng. Paul geothermal, antidisease, contain the root node nematode, dispel the whitefly, aphids and other effects. Root or foliage spraying irrigation the product is suitable for a variety of crops; also can be used as raw materials of various types of organic and inorganic fertilizer. This product is a natural extract, non-toxic harmless, no side effect.

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Seaweed concentrate liquid fertilizer

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1). It can be absorbed by plants directly, speed up the crops mature and shorten the growth period.

2). Improve the crop quality:

     For grain, increasing the protein;

      For vegetable, pure the taste, reduce crude fiber;

      For flower, fresh the color, strong the fragrance;

      For fruit, increase sugar content, good storage property.

3). Improve the ecological environment, no residual, no pollution;

      Improving soil physical and chemical properties;

4). Improve the photosynthesis, strong the stalk, thicken the foliar;

      Increase the resistances against coldness, drought and warm dry wind.


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