SLF Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

SLF Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

Seaweeds show great promise as a source of seaweed liquid fertilizer [SLF] for raising food crops.The time has come to produce a large quantity of food to the rapidly increasing world population. It an expected that there will be great deficiency of food materials in future.It is necessary to avoid this fast approaching disaster; also the production of various type of crop production is to be increased adequately.

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SLF seaweed liquid fertilizer on Growth

Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer

The seed germination, shoot length, root length, number of lateral roots, number of leaves, number of vegetables, length of vegetables, weight of vegetables, chlorophyll ‘a’, chlorophyll ‘b’, total chlorophyll and carotenoids was found maximum at 20% SLF with or without chemical fertilizer. Hence the present study found that 20% SLF with or without chemical fertilizer shows the higher growth, yield, chlorophyll pigment and soil profile compared to other concentration.

Alginate acid: 10-12 percent min N: 0.5 percent min. K2O: 2 percent min

Seaweed active matter: 2 percent

Trace element: 3-4 percent

Seaweed extract can supply various of nutrients including NPK. seaweed active matters, trace element, nature PGR etc. 

With these nutrients, the root condition will be highly improved and the quality of crops will be improved and yield will be increased at least 20%.

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