Vigrorous Root Liquid Fertilizer

Vigrorous Root Liquid Fertilizer

This product is a new generation of agricultural and chemical products with the advanced technology of chelate multifunctional, multi-efficacity and broad-spectrum safety. It is a professional fertilizer specializing in treating malnutrition, roots degradation, hypoplasia, yellow plants, rotten roots and dead sprouts. Professional treatment:Malnutrition roots degradation; Hypoplasia weak plants, yellow plants rotten, roots dead sprouts.

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Vigrorous root liquid fertilizer

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The value of seaweeds as fertilizers was not only due to nitrogen, phosphorus and potash content, but also because of the presence of trace elements and metabolites. The higher amount of water soluble potash, other minerals and trace elements are present in seaweeds and are readily absorbed by plants and they control deficiency diseases. The carbohydrates and other organic matter present in seaweeds alter the nature of soil and improve its moisture retaining capacity.



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